Pramesh Lakhaju is a freelance tour and trekking guide from Bhaktapur, Nepal. He has been working as a guide in the Himalayas of Nepal for the past 17 years. Pramesh is registered with an authorised Government office of Nepal and has a license to guide foreigners in the city and mountain regions of Nepal. He has been associated with the tourism industry since 2002 and initially began work as a helper to the visitors in Nepal, then completed a two month course in tour & trekking guide training from the authorised body of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal (now Nepali Government), which helped him become a permanent tour and trekking guide. Clients highly enjoy the companionship of Pramesh as their guide – please check out our reviews (insert link) page for further details.  Pramesh speaks English, Chinese and Japanese.

Pramesh has led many treks in different regions of Nepal: Langtang Region, Annapurna Region and Lower Mustang Region, and is therefore extremely familiar with these regions, in addition to being acquainted with the general history of Nepal, local flora and fauna, culture and traditions of various ethnic groups of Nepal including environmental issues of the areas popular for tours and trekking.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is always a major concern during high altitude treks. Any negligence may be dangerous to the trekkers suffering from mountain sickness. Pramesh is aware of mountain sickness and its symptoms and hence he has been successful in timely rescue of any trekkers suffering from such sickness.

Nepal is famous for different kinds of adventurous activities, however around 80% of total tourists who visit Nepal come for trekking.  There are two options for trekking: 1) Tea House Trek, and 2) Camping/Tented/Organised Trek. In the tea house trek we accommodate in local tea houses including all meals in local lodges. Unlike tea house treks, in the camping trek we accommodate in tents and the food is cooked & served by the Kitchen team.

Namaste and greetings from Nepal!

Visit this beautiful country of never ending peace and love!